Sponsor a Campaign

We'd love to have you sponsor a campaign. These campaigns can vary from programs our organization is hosting already OR a campaign you'd like to launch. All outside campaigns must be board approved. However, we'd love to have your partnership in encouraging our youth. To make a generation donation, please click on the link below. 


S.O.N.G. Stars Program


Our organization strives to encourage our students who excel in their school-year academics. We reward our youth who receive a 3.0 GPA - higher on their report cards. Also, we seek to highlight academic improvements. Our rewards ranges from social media publicity to dinner dates. 2017-2018 our goal is to provide more amazing contributions to our children. Please join with us!    More information →


TECHTOWN (1).jpg

This event will be filled with open discussions, peer-to-peer panels, vision board activities, etc. We are proud to announce our new partnership w/Techtown- Detroit and My Unique Sisters. We are teaming up to present something amazing for our students. To register, please text IAMSONG to 97000. More information →