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Meet The Staff

Our Founder/CEO

Carles Whitlow

Thank you for stopping by our website to check out next world leading stars and entrepreneurs! 

From a young child, I've always had an interest in performing arts. As a grew older, I later discovered that my therapy was often found in the arts. In addition to my passion for the arts, I've always enjoyed mentoring my people. This is where I knew I would soon create an organization that provides performing arts and mentoring programs to youth across the world. 

I've been very fortunate to lead this wonderful group of talent since 2015. I had a vision to create an environment full of love, excitement and arts for our kids. I am very proud of our youth and staff! We've created an amazing organization together. I am looking forward to what the future holds for us!


Our Staff

Asst. Director
Lead Theater Instructor
Chajuana Chambliss
Lead Vocal Instructor
Suai Kee
Henri Franklin
Lead Drumline Instructor
Jason Gaddis
Lead Dance Instructor
Program Assistants
Tanay Dixon
Betty Chambliss
LaTisha Davidson
David Reese
Jonathan Jackson
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